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About Alphastar Wealth Lake Norman

At Alphastar Wealth Management Lake Norman, we specialize in tailoring financial strategies to your unique goals, providing personalized and comprehensive wealth management services. From initial planning to ongoing management, we prioritize effective, tax-efficient investment strategies suitable for all life stages, particularly focusing on pre-retirement and retirees. We demystify insurance, aligning it with risk management and legacy goals, adapting our approach to changing economic conditions and leveraging technological advancements to continuously meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Our Mission

Through our unwavering commitment to integrity, professionalism, and excellence in client service, we aim to transform the financial lives of our clients. Building life-long relationships with those who possess investable assets and share our morals and values, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring they won’t outlive their assets. Our client-focused approach allows us to deliver financial solutions aligned with their values and objectives.

The secret to retiring well is to have enough money to live on, but more importantly, enough things to live for.

Meet the Alphastar Lake Norman Team

Get to Know Our Seasoned Wealth Management Team and Experience Unmatched Client Service

Paul S Taylor

Paul S. Taylor


Paul is a Senior Wealth Advisor and Managing Partner who joined our team after a successful career as founder of Capital Advisory Group, Inc. With over 30 years of financial services experience, Paul is an established professional with deep knowledge of…

Matt Trenary

Matt is a Wealth Advisor who joined our team to help our clients fulfill their retirement dreams and secure their financial futures. To Matt, serving in this role is a daily opportunity to give back and make a difference in the lives of others. He’s passionate about…

Valeria Latsos Stacks

Rebecca Strong

Rebecca Strong


Our Core Values

These values aren’t just a part of our culture; they define our commitment to you, guiding us as we work together towards shared success.

We believe that the best relationships are mutually respectful and value each person for who they are. So we establish genuine and authentic connections across our relationships.


Everyone’s needs and dreams are different. To best serve you, we tailor our attention and guidance around your unique life and the goals and values you care about.


We believe that transparency is a critical element in fostering trust with our clients. As we support you, we openly communicate and provide the perspectives and insights that help you understand your financial life.


Having a deep concern for our clients’ wellbeing drives how we work. As your advisors, we actively listen to you so we understand who you are and your breadth of goals.


Honesty and empathy are the foundation of our relationships. We deeply appreciate the trust our clients place with us, and we honor and respect them in everything we do.

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