Income Planning

At Alphastar Wealth Lake Norman, we recognize the crucial role of income planning in your financial wellbeing, especially during retirement. Our wealth planning services include tailored strategies designed to ensure a steady income stream in your later years.

Transitioning into retirement often shifts your focus from growing your savings to preserving them, while also drawing a comfortable living income without depleting your principal. Our commitment is to guide you through this transition, offering personalized, reliable, and predictable strategies to support your financial needs for life.

Our income planning process is thorough, encompassing an analysis of your income sources like Social Security and pensions, alongside both short and long-term expenses, and your investment portfolio. This allows us to create a custom, tax-efficient withdrawal plan aimed at meeting your income requirements while minimizing taxes and protecting your assets.

With our strategies, we aim to provide you with a secure and enjoyable retirement, ensuring you have a dependable income plan designed to last throughout your lifetime.

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